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Do you have energetic kids? Perhaps not into rugby or ballet? Or perhaps doing backflips from one sofa to the next is simply not an option... 


Our classes are a great combination of acrobatics, Parkourartistic & rhythmic gymnastics, tumbling, obstacle training and dance. There will be rope climbing, cartwheeling, jumping, crawling and trick practicing. Our fun and energetic sessions will provide strength, flexibility and conditioning training for kids of all abilities.


Please note, we can only accept new enrollments for the term up to the second session of the term. All enrollments that come after the cut off day, will roll over to the following term. Some classes are full.  Please get in touch to reserve a space. Click here to see the timetable. 



Sorry, no classes in 2023

See you in 2024. 


upper moutere



Sorry, classes are temporarily suspended.



Motueka Recreational Centre

Old Wharf Road

Term 3: 10 Sessions 

Start18/07 | Finish 19/09



Sorry, classes are temporarily suspended.



Motueka Recreational Centre

Old Wharf Road

Term 3: 10 Sessions 

Start 20/07 | Finish 21/09

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What to wear: Tight but comfortable shorts/ leggings, t-shirt/ leotards (if you have any). Warm layers in the winter months, please!

Hair: If your child has long hair, please make sure it is neatly tied into a bun or a ponytail. 
What to bring: Please remember the water bottle and snacks for longer sessions.

Not sure it is for you?

No problem... the first session is free for you to try out!

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