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about fusion

FUSION is a unique combination of dance, rhythmic gymnastics and acro. We have hand-picked the best aspects of the three well-regarded disciplines to specially design a programme that will deliver the right mixture of exercise, free movement, dance, and style. Children will be taken on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. We are all built differently - our tailored programme will attend to their individual needs. 

With FUSION your child will benefit from building a range of motor and coordination skills and assist in developing a good sense of body awareness, as well as confidence, commitment, and discipline which can be applied to every-day life as well as other sports. 

During our classes, we also like to have fun! So we dress up, do a bit of acting, play games, have races and mini-recitals.


At the end of the academic year, we prepare for a much-loved End of Year show where everyone gets to take part. We come up with original stories, put on our best costumes,  and do a fantastic show! 


Build Up

Many children are movement-shy and with modern life don't get a chance to take calculated physical risks like climbing or tumbling. We give them the opportunity to do so in a safe and encouraging environment which
boosts their confidence and self-belief. 

Improve Focus & Concentration

We channel children's energy by providing short segments of activities that require concentration and focus before moving on to the next. Kids learn routines and new moves in a fun and diverse environment. There is no boredom - and therefore loss of focus.  

Benefit Kids'

It is important to get children active from a young age. Our classes work for all abilities to keep children moving within their comfort zone and then build them up. We work on flexibility, agility and strength to benefit their fitness, mental health and overall wellbeing. 

Social Skills

Our small groups provide opportunities for both - personal achievements as well as all-important teamwork.
Children learn to not only express themselves verbally but also through movement interpretation using their body as a vessel for their imagination.  


Tanya Carney - Head Coach 

I have been involved in competitive gymnastics since a young age which progressed to coaching and training. Over the past 30 years, I have worked with boys and girls of all ages, starting from 2 years old to adult classes. I have worked in the competitive, recreational and school environments.   I have run small clubs, large clubs, competitions, judged all levels, and even coached the coaches

Natalia Harrington 

I'm looking forward to sharing my experience of many years in competitive rhythmic gymnastics, classical ballet and ballroom dancing. As a mother and a former gymnast from Estonia, I appreciate the thrill of achievement and the benefits of sport that stay with a young person for life.

Not sure it is for you?

No problem... the first session is free to try out! 


Rachel Gordon

I'm a second-time senior artistic gymnast champion turned coach. I have been fortunate enough to have worked at four clubs around New Zealand, where I have had time and training to build my knowledge and skill-base as a coach from some of the country’s most distinguished trainers.  I believe in fundamental movement programmes for all ages and abilities. I thrive on the challenge of creating new ways to get people excited about sports, health, and wellbeing. 

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